Article-What is love?

It all started when my friend Akshara asked me the definition of true love. That day I told her some tits-bits of what I knew about love. ‘Love is something that doesn’t demand love, it always promises love. ‘ But that day, a question arose in my mind, ” How can be define love?”
I searched the internet, wikipedia, several psychology books but what I found was not satisfactory. It said love is the feeing that results in excitement, happiness and pleasure. It is the combination of attraction, sexual desire and commitment. But is love something so incomplete and impure feeling that requires sexual desire?
Are love and lust the same?
I think love, lust and endearment are triplets with totally same physical appearance. One cannot distinguish between them if they just saw them from far. But if you be with them, experience them they are totally different. Lust is filthy, outspoken and demanding. It just seeks and pleasure and cannot become your true friend. Endearment is over-emotional, possessive and committed. However it is so emotionally attached that it may guide you to the wrong path to get you. They may not trust you sometimes.
On the other hand, love is something very different from the two. It is the most committed, loyal, trustable sibling. It will guide you to right path always and will even be harsh on you for your well being. Love will never demand for anything. It will only serve others. It will heal all your pain, see the good in you, not exploit you and will be true on its words. But this is not the definition of love. These are mere qualities of love. So what is love?
Is it what holds me to you even when you had broken me into pieces?
Is it the hope that says we will be one even when I know it’s not possible?
Is it the pain that I experience when I don’t see you for a day?
Is it what makes me ignore each and every flaw in you, instead find a thousand in mine?
Is it what brings anger to me when you ignore me?
Is it what makes me miss you without being able to tell you?
Is it what makes me smile whenever I see you happy, even if I forget what smiling was?
Is it the one that keeps me weeping all night so that I can see you?
I don’t know what love is and now I don’t want to. I want to feel it, just feel it and I can. I know it’s pure because I can’t tell what it is. And now I know, that I love the one, even if he doesn’t feel the same for me.
Did you picture out someone by reading this? I can, and I want to wish him a very happy Valentines day. Wherever you are just be happy……….

BY  Ronikadua

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